Frosted Film Printing: Etched Glass Vinyl

Get Frosted

Two Point Eight Imaging offers frosted film printing as part of our extensive range of services. Frosted film printing, also known as etched glass vinyl or frosted glass vinyl, is a versatile and cost-effective solution for creating the appearance of frosted or etched glass without the expense and permanence of actual glass etching.

And it looks soooo good.

Wait that’s not etched glass!?

Nope, this is clear vinyl printed with patterns designed to look like etched glass. This method is a long-term solution, printed on high-quality UV-rated vinyl that will last for many years. Our vinyl install team brings an incredible eye for detail to ensure that your etched glass vinyl looks as good as the real thing.

This method is popular in both commercial and residential settings for a variety of applications. Here’s an expanded look into the different use cases, how it’s done, and the benefits of using frosted film printing.

Frosted Exterior + Interior

We work with vinyl products that are UV-rated for exterior-facing applications. These vinyls have no issue with moisture and temperature changes, ideal for frosting existing windows at the ground floor.

In addition, frosted film on exterior-facing windows helps diffuse sunlight. This is especially useful in office settings where glare on computer screens can be a problem. Frosted films are perfect for reducing glare and providing a more comfortable indoor environment.

Selective Frosted Glass

We can print any pattern on translucent vinyl to create the look of selectively frosted glass, which can transform plain glass surfaces into customized designs that add privacy and aesthetic appeal. This service is part of their broader vinyl installation offerings, which include applying graphics to a variety of surfaces, from windows to walls and vehicles.

Any pattern or design can be printed onto our vinyls.

Etched Vinyl Distraction Banding

In office environments, frosted film is often used as ”Distraction Banding”, a technique used to provide privacy while allowing light to pass through. to conference room walls, office partitions, and glass doors to create private spaces without blocking natural light.

Distraction banding involves applying horizontal bands of frosted film to glass surfaces at eye level. This application adds psychological stop to prevent people from looking in on otherwise transparent windows. This use also serves to prevent accidents and enhance safety.

Work Two Point Eight: The Best Frosted Film Vinyl Team in NYC!

If you’re interested in exploring frosted film printing or other vinyl printing services, Two Point Eight Imaging provides comprehensive support from design to installation. We specialize in large format printing, ensuring high-quality results tailored to your project’s specific needs. If you have a specific project in mind, reach out to us and get a quote.