From wall flats to custom-fabricated signage components, Two Point Eight has a range of capabilities to bring custom graphic solutions, fully installed and delivered for your project.

In addition to owning and operating a CNC router for complex components, Two Point Eight is partnered with The Factory NYC to bring integrated fabrication for all your projects. Together, we fabricate all sorts of exciting projects from small detailed props to large-scale experiential environments.

Custom Sets

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you realize your dream from start to finish. With our combined team of artisans and engineers, we can provide event fabrication, photography sets, pop-ups, custom props, retail displays, scenic painting, carpentry, metalworking, 3D-printing, CNC-milling, and custom signage.

Props & Signage

From standalone props to interactive electronic functional props, our engineers can make your concept no matter how fantastic, a reality. Together with The Factory NYC, we have been creating props of all sorts since 2013. Working with clients in the film world, advertising and artists, we have created exciting objects both large and small.

Custom Graphics / Signage

In need of a unique graphic solution? We’ve made all kinds of fun props from custom placemats, masquerade masks, table centerpieces, photo booth props and much much more. Read more about our custom sign capabilities.