Vinyl & Print Installation

Details are everything, and our installers get it right. At Two Point Eight, we specialize in professional installation services for both interior and exterior applications throughout New York City.

Our deep understanding of NYC’s specific regulations and logistical challenges makes us a preferred partner for both local businesses and national brands seeking local implementation.

We recognize that no two projects are the same. Our services are highly customizable, designed to meet the specific needs and visions of each client.

In-House Install Team

We pride ourselves in being an all in-house one-stop shop. For each of our projects we dedicate one production manager to oversee the completion of each project from start to finish. Meaning, they will oversee the printing and manufacturing of all the deliverables and will be on location during the installation, avoiding miscommunication that can happen when juggling projects from department to department!

Installers for Hire

In need of graphic installation? Our in-house team has you covered. With extensive experience in a wide array of vinyls and surfaces our team is highly versatile and capable of high quality and expedient installation. From all interior surfaces, exterior surfaces, car wraps and the like our team has you covered, literally.